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Well the inevitable happened the roadworks have been delayed

It really is no surprise to anyone, apart from those involved in the project, that the second phase of roadworks for the town centre redevelopment have been delayed. 

I recall at the meeting, the confidence that the work would all be completed before the kids returned to school in September, and that this phase was going to be different. 

Well surprise, surprise here we are again, it started late and it is going to finish late just like every other aspect of this project to date. I am fully aware that unexpected things arise in construction, but that to some extent should have been planned for, and the removal on an unsound wall is pretty lame for what is in-effect a delay of 6 or 7 weeks. 

Swale Fusion Festival of Light 2018
A special lantern parade featuring 9 local schools and performances from Cohesion Plus produced Folk in Fusion Drumming Collective, Bloco Fogo Samba and stilt walking musicians the Stilt Batteristas. Organised by Cohesion Plus and Kent Equality Cohesion Council in partnership with Swale Borough Council
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