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Lets face it Suez are rubbish

As Bingate enters its forth week, the apologies from the new contractor Suez are starting to wear a bit thin, it has literally reached the point now where all the bins are out all the time just in case.

The council keeps on telling us "If your bins are missed, please leave them out so they're available for collection" but honestly I think after a couple of days, the bin is probably not going to get emptied until the next due collection date. Nevertheless residents seem eternally hopeful that there will be a catch up round.

I would imagine that the green bins are going to get prioritised over the brown or blue bins and if you are concerned about the fact that you are paying for your brown bin, we have some assurance that any missed weeks are credited to your account, i.e. you'll get extra collections beyond the end of the year to compensate for missed collections.