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Sittingbourne and Sheppey parliamentary constituency

  Name Party Votes % Share  
Mike Baldock
Mike Baldock IND 0 30%
Sam Banks GRN 0 0%
Matt Brown Matt Brown IND 0 0%
Aisha Cuthbert Aisha Cuthbert CON 0 0%
Kevin McKenna Kevin McKenna LAB 0 0%
Frances Kneller Frances Kneller LD 0 0%
William Fotheringham-Bray William Fotheringham-Bray Reform 0 0%
Mad Mike Young Mad Mike Young MRLP 0 0%




Faversham & Mid Kent parliamentary constituency

  Name Party Votes % Share  
Hannah Temple Hannah Temple GRN 0 0%
Helen Whately Helen Whately CON 0 0%
Mel Dawkins Mel Dawkins LAB 0 0%
Hannah Perkin Hannah Perkin LD 0 0%
Maxwell Harrison Maxwell Harrison Reform 0 0%
Lawrence Rustem Lawrence Rustem BDP 0 0%