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What we're listening to

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Purely for fun we thought you might like to explore some of the music we are listening to this month in the Sittingbourne.Me offices.

Can’t promise that you’ll like it, but hey it is only a bit of fun. (Parental Guidance may be required on some songs)
Ladyhawke - A Love Song
Today see’s the release of the third album ‘Wild Things’ from New Zealand singer Pip Brown who is better known as Ladyhawke. ‘A Long Song’ is the lead single from the album and is fairly representative of the album as a whole. This is certainly the most pop orientated of the three albums to date, which do vary in style, although I actually like all three of them. Best known for tracks such as ‘My Delirium’, ‘Paris is Burning’ and my favourite ‘Dust Till Dawn’.
She Is We - Boomerang
Former ‘He Is We’ singer Rachel Taylor launches new project ‘She Is We’ with Boomerang the first single from forthcoming album ‘War’. Falling somewhere between alt rock and pop I can see this appealing to a fairly wide audience. It is a powerful punchy song with a knockout chorus from a band looking to make war with the world.
DNCE - Cake By The Ocean
DNCE is an American band featuring former Jonas Brother, Joe Jonas along with former touring partners Jack Lawless and JinJoo Lee and Cole Whittle completes the line-up. Cake by the Ocean is the bands debut single and is already an absolutely massive hit, so if you are anything like me you are discovering this late in the day. It’s an excellent catchy uptempo funk-pop song, with elements of 70’s disco including the strong falsetto vocals in the chorus.