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What we're listening to

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Purely for fun we thought you might like to explore some of the music we are listening to this month in the Sittingbourne.Me offices.

Can’t promise that you’ll like it, but hey it is only a bit of fun. (Parental Guidance may be required on some songs)
Magic Man - Tonight
Boston based Magic Man started out as duo back in 2010 before the transition into a five-piece band. This is one a few tracks that both my 12 year old son and I had on Spotify, so it certainly has a wide ranging appeal. Its catchy sing along chorus, underlying synth pads and neat vocoder type treatment of the supporting vocals give this a very electronic feel for band bracketed in the indie rock category. This track is taken from their ‘Before the Waves’ album which came out last year.
Dylan Gardner - Heroes Tonight
I’m definitely getting old, because Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Dylan Gardner looks so much younger than the 18 years he been on the planet, and is creating the kind of sophisticated songs that usual come from someone much older. This isn’t currently a single, and therefore doesn’t have a video, but this is my favourite track from those that I’ve heard.
Vinyl Pinups - Gold Rays
Discovered this track quite recently although it’s a tad over a year old, and other than the fact that the duo are comprised of producer Brennan Aerts and singer/songwriter Khara Lord and that they form a production team writing for other artists there is a little else on file. Anyway a catchy little pop song nonetheless.