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What we're listening to

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Purely for fun we thought you might like to explore some of the music we are listening to this month in the Sittingbourne.Me offices.

Can’t promise that you’ll like it, but hey it is only a bit of fun. (Parental Guidance may be required on some songs)
The Orion Experience - Obsessed With You
OK this one dates back to 2009, and is the bands best known if not biggest single. New York City-based pop rock band The Orion Experience are now playing off Broadway as an interactive musical event in the style of Rocky Horror, Barbarella and Captain EO
Ou Est le Swimming Pool - Dance the Way I Feel
Ou Est Le Swimming Pool were an English synthpop[1] group from Camden, London who had a brief encounter with the charts in 2009 with their debut single, "Dance the Way I Feel" before the lead singer of the band Charles Haddon committed suicide in 2010.
Architecture In Helsinki - Escapee
Architecture in Helsinki is an Australian indie pop band and the track Escapee dates back to 2011 and is from the album "Moment Bends"