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Swale Wildlife Rescue

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Tel: 07877 280348
Swale Wildlife Rescue

Every year hundreds of birds and animals get injured or orphaned. Many of these casualties are the result of human activity, some are the result of nature and just plain 'bad luck' ! 
If you come across a casualty what do you do. Vets will help but are not really equipped to rehabilitate or provide long term care. 
Thats where we come in. 
We can look after birds and small animals and with help from our friends in other wildlife groups we can rehabilitate them and hopefully return them to the wild. 
We have equipment and medicines to help casualties and we will always do our best for the bird or animal.

About Us

Ingrid Cole, best known as the "bird lady" in the Pet Shop started as a volunteer for "Folly Wildlife" when their previous Swale area voluteer retired. 
We decided, with Folly's Blessing to start our own charity, so we can provide better for the needs of the wildlife. 
Our aim is to grow both in size and experience, so we can provide better for the wildlife