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Sittingbourne Photos

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Our photos haven proven quite popular on our Facebook page, so we thought we'd organise them and add some of them here. If you have some photos that you would like to share with everyone then please email them to

Click on any of the folders below to view the photos.
12 year Reece
Art in the Park 2015
Russell Eccleson - Rover 100 (1962)
Rodmersham Kent Classic Vehicle Show
Sharon Manship
Chalk It Up 2014
The GAME Forum Event
The GAME Forum event
Richard Norton - The Charlie Monroe Band
Iwade Rock 2014
Medieval Maiden Stilt Walker
MediƦval Mops Fair 2014
John from Johns Kicthen
Gentleman in charge of the horse-drawn post chaise
Regency Festival 2015
Memorial Service at Sittingbourne Cenotaph
Remembrance Day 2015
Sheppey Carnival Court
Sittingbourne Carnival 2015
Free Men of Blean
St George's Day 2015