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Local Plan Delivery Milestones

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Here are the delivery milestones as set out in the Local Plan.

I have some more detailed forecasts for the major housing sites on the housing page

Phase 1 - 2011-2015/16

  • Sittingbourne town centre regeneration moving beyond convenience food phases into other town centre regeneration objectives.
  • Master planning process and securing planning permissions for NW Sittingbourne complete, possibly contributing some completions

Phase 2 - 2016-2020/21

  • Sittingbourne town centre regeneration securing wider regeneration objectives, including comparison shopping, new leisure, cultural and civic facilities and improvements to publicrealm. New town centre housing being provided.
  • Employment completions at Eurolink V on-going. Land to the south of Kemsley Mill commences and extension to Milton Creek Country park secured.
  • Planning and delivery processes for final phase of Sittingbourne Northern Relief Road commences.
  • Completions continue at NW Sittingbourne and commence at Stones Farm.
  • Commencement and completion of new secondary school for Sittingbourne and provision of primary schools on-going.
  • Infrastructure improvements at Key Street and Grovehurst A249 junctions, Lower Road and minor interim project at Junction 5 of M2 completed.

Phase 3 - 2021-2025/26

  • Closing phases of Sittingbourne town centre regeneration, with new housing offer for the Borough. Planning permission secured for housing at Milton Pipes site.
  • Completions on-going at NW Sittingbourne, Stones Farm and Teynham sites. New schools, health facilities and other facilities emerging to support growth.
  • Sittingbourne Northern Relief Road - Bapchild Link, under-construction.

Phase 4 - 2026-2030/31

  • Sites at NW Sittingbourne and Teynham sites largely complete. Services and facilities now largely in place. Stones Farm development in concluding phase.
  • Sittingbourne Northern Relief Road - Bapchild Link, complete.