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Borden is an extensive  parish, the village being situated about one-and-a-half miles in a westerly direction from the town of Sittingbourne.

Borden Village

The history of the name is questioned. It may be derived from bor (hill) and then either from denu (valley) or denn (woodland pasture). It may also derive from "boar" "den", as it was known that the wild animals were found in the surrounding areas. Borden was first recorded in the twelfth century as Bordena. It may also stem from the settlement there of the de Bourdon (now Borden) family which came from Bourdannay, in Normandy, France with William the Conqueror in 1066. A similar contention surrounds the origin of the surname, so perhaps there lies the connection.

Within the parish are several hamlets, including Heart's Delight, Chestnut Street and Oad Street. Farming in the area is the main industry, although this has been in decline for many years due to the "scrubbing" of most of the cherry and other fruit orchards.
Borden Village Sign

Borden Parish Council

Clerk Details:
Lynda Fisher
53 Springvale

Tel: 01795 477015


Your Borough Councillor

Borden is represented on Swale Borough Council by Swale Independents Alliance councillors Mike Baldock and Ann Cavanagh

Mike Baldock
8 Wises Lane, Borden, Sittingbourne, Kent ME10 1YN
Tel: 01795 471139

Ann Cavanagh