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The village of Tunstall is located to the South of Sittingbourne with much of what is considered the village of Tunstall contained along the length of Tunstall Road, which has more traffic calming than most villages.

The parish stretches all the way back to the M2 and includes Highsted and some of Cromer’s Wood as well as the infamous Kent Science Park.

Unusually for an English village there are no shops or pubs within the village boundaries, these have been prohibited since the middle-ages.

Clear references to Tunstall in the Doomesday Book suggest the village was already an established settlement in the 11th century.
Tunstall Village Sign

Tunstall Parish Council

Mrs Wendy Licence
14 Trapfield Close
Kent ME14 4HT

Tel: 01622 739324


Your Borough Councillors

The urban part of Tunstall is represented on Swale Borough Council by Independent councillors

Paul Stephen
Tel: 01795 430774

Sarah Stephen
Tel: 01795 430774

The rural part of Tunstall is represented by Independent Councillor Monique Bonney.

Monique Bonney
Chandlers, Stockers Hill Road, Rodmersham, Sittingbourne Kent ME9 0PJ
Tel: 07973 443527