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No Place Like Home

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Contact details

Alison Carter
Syndale Park, Ospringe
ME13 0RH

Tel: 01795 597983
No Place Like Home

companionship and customised support
No Place Like Home is a personalised support service for local senior residents. It was established by Alison Carter in response to challenges experienced by her mother in sourcing high quality, tailored support at home for husband, John.

We help our clients and their families make the most of later life, focusing on quality and enjoyment. We offer companionship and customised support for each individual.

We go above and beyond the ordinary care company service model to keep our clients happy and healthy at home.

You decide the support you’d like:

No Place Like Home
Maintain your social life – accompany you to clubs or events; help you entertain friends at home; or even take you on a short break away…

Keep fit and healthy – cook your favourite recipes; arrange a home exercise regime; help you surf the web for fun; or take you to a dance or fitness class…

Manage your affairs – deal with routine paperwork for you; help research information online; or arrange for trusted independent financial advice…

Look after property and pets – help tend your garden; arrange house maintenance; install safety equipment; or simply walk the dog or take the cat to the vet…

Enjoy companionship – help you start a new hobby or skill; read a book or newspaper to you; go with you to the cinema or theatre; or take you for a drive or out to lunch…

Satff members from No Place Like Home
Taking time to talk and to really listen to clients is what makes No Place Like Home so different and the company’s Personal Assistants are determined to help each individual get the most out of their time.

Each client will enjoy their own unique blend of our exceptional quality hospitality and care, spiced with our passion to help them make the very most of their later life, whatever that might be for each individual.

The service is restricted to a limited number of private-only clients in Canterbury and Swale areas.

Managing Director, Alison Carter, is keen to know each client personally: ‘our decision to keep our service small-scale means that we can be exceptionally responsive to our clients’ individual needs’.

For a free consultation please contact: 01795 597983 or

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