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Whoops, 5 out of 10 for meeting their new deadline

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I can already hear the collective sigh as the news spreads that the late running town centre roadworks are not going to be fully finished by Monday.

The Spirit of Sittingbourne ever optimistic are of course painting a somewhat more upbeat picture, claiming that the opening of newly realigned A2 will improve traffic flow through Sittingbourne town centre.

Hold on a minute, it turns out that the newly realigned A2 is only the bit from St. Michael's Road in front of the train station through to Milton Road. Not entirely sure that they are aware that the main traffic flows along St Michael's Road and then Dover Street, which will remain closed for yet another week.

Of course, I guess you could connect from Milton Road back onto the one-way system via that short section of what confusingly is also called Dover Street, instead of continuing under the railway bridge but that is a narrow road and it certainly wouldn’t be viable for anything too large.

A Spirit of Sittingbourne spokesperson said "We are delighted to open the A2 in line with the revised timetable.”

"The opening of the road will significantly improve traffic flow through Sittingbourne town centre.”

"We are now beginning construction of the leisure quarter, which will bring a host of brand new leisure facilities to Sittingbourne."

Andy Hudson


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Hardly surprising that there have been no comment posted as everyone is probably lost for words at a project that has been a total shambles from start to..... going to have to wait a bit longer.
Comment by James on 05 Nov 2018
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