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6 months of new roadworks for town centre

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Beginning on the 10th June and ending some time in December The Spirit of Sittingbourne partnership will be undertaking roadworks on one way section of St Michael’s Road.

Work will occur across two stages, on each side of the road. This will mean a single lane will remain open throughout the works period, allowing traffic to flow through. The road will be converted to a single-lane route permanently following the works.

Whilst we are working to minimise any impact arising from these works, with a single lane remaining open throughout, we are advising residents to build additional time into their journeys once the works begin.

Local shops and businesses will remain open as usual. Access to Cockleshell Walk Car Park will be maintained throughout the works, though will result in a temporary reduction in the number of parking spaces.

We are given to understand that the works are in connection with utilities for the leisure aspects of the redevelopment. 

The roadworks are part of the Spirit of Sittingbourne regeneration, which will deliver £326M of investment into the town over the next ten years.

A Spirit of Sittingbourne spokesperson said:

"From June 10th, works will begin on the gyratory at the western side of St Michaels Road."

"Our contractors will ensure that a single lane through the impacted area is maintained during daylight hours."

"The maintaining of the single lane will minimise the impact of the works – they may, however, lead to slight delays in and around the area."

"We are therefore advising residents and commuters to build an additional time into their journeys."


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All of the consequences of a single lane alongside Cockleshell car park were given by myself after consulting residents 5 years ago, 4 storey flats and a single lane was was opposed at the application stage but as usual Conservative majority voted it through. Now we are stuck with it!!!!!!!

Ghlin Whelan (Chalkwell ward)

Comment by ghlin whelan on 30 May 2019

I never knew this stretch of road was called St Michaels Road - it was always known as Cockleshell Walk in the days when traffic could get from one end of the town to the other without any trouble.

Could the reason for reducing the width of the road down to one lane have anything to do with the future development by Messrs Quinn Estates of the car parks along this road rather than services for the eyesore opposite the railway station?

I seem to remember having seen a map of the finished road system via this website. Is it possible to publish it again as I think it showed Cockleshell Walk to only be a service road for the newly built flats and Dover Street reverting to two-way?

Comment by James on 30 May 2019
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