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A Look at Key Street’s Past

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Sittingbourne Heritage Museum has announced the publication of its latest book, A Look at Key Street’s Past. It is a collaboration between Peter Judges, who has lived in and sketched the Key Street area all his life, with additional text by local historian, Helen Allinson.

Today, Key Street is a busy roundabout on the crossroads of the A2 with the A249 and an underpass passing beneath. It’s hard to believe this was once a thriving little hamlet with its own pub, a church, a chapel, shops and a Post Office.

So many changes have taken place in the past 50-odd years and thankfully Peter has been on hand to record them with his sketchpad. They now form a valuable historic record. One of the charms of Peter’s sketches is that to him, nothing was too unimportant to be recorded. To aid the reader in getting around Key Street as it used to be, Peter has included a map of today’s road layout, upon which he has superimposed all the old buildings which were swept away.

A Look at Key Street’s Past is now on sale at the Heritage Museum in East Street and the CSI Exhibition shop in the Forum, priced £7.95.


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