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A weekend of village fete's

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With the weather finally on side it was certainly a good weekend to enjoy that most treasured of British pastimes the tradition village summer fete, so off we trotted to not one but two school fetes.

Tunstall School Fete
Tunstall School Fete

First up was the popular Tunstall School Fete, which was held yesterday, and it was very busy indeed judging by the amount of cars that managed to fill an entire field. There was a great selection of stalls catering for every taste, with plenty of games, food and other items to purchase.

Bradley Hudson
Bradley Hudson with his Coconuts

Then today we went along to the Bapchild School Fete, which is usually a jointly held affair with the Village Hall Committee which takes place biannually, but for the very first time in the year off, the school has put on its own fete. Again there was a good range of stalls and entertainment throughout the day.

Swifts Gymnastic at Bapchild School Fete
Swifts Gymnastic at Bapchild Fete

I’ve eaten far too many scones, cakes and ice-cream, I may have to have a lie down now.

There is also a brief video from the Tunstall Fete on our videos page.


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