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Swale Borough Council finally confirms A2 traffic gridlock nightmare

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It would appear from those whom attended a meeting at Swale Borough Council yesterday evening that the Council were quite frank in acknowledging the lack of available transport related evidence on which their future plans are based.

And you might recall those recent infamous comments from Spatial Planning Manager, Gill Harris which suggested that the borough council were not yet in a position to answer my questions regarding the issues related to completing the Northern Relief Road.  

Well just days later the Council has finally admitted that with the completion of the Sittingbourne Northern Relief Road the A2 east of Sittingbourne will be ‘managed’ by the created congestion.

I'm sure that is deeply worrying news for anyone located between Bapchild and Faversham and also anyone that currently uses the A2 on this side of town. 

So are the Council in fact hoping that once the Northern Relief Road is connected to the A2, people will stop using it, because the relief road will cause such carnage, that it will cause people to use alternatives instead?

Well yes, I have on record statements to the effect that it is expected that people will go back to using the A249 /M2 because it will be quicker.

Is it just me, or does this strike you as planning for failure?

Andy Hudson


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