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Are you up for the Challenge?

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Remember how skipping used to be a massive part of our daily life at school?

If you didn’t have your own rope you would fight over someone else’s or spend the lunch break taking turns with your friends to hold the rope whist you jumped over continuously for minutes at a time…

Those were the days when we could eat what we wanted and not gain an inch of fat! And the reason is, all that jumping around burnt it all!!!!

The chances are, your skipping rope is long gone or collecting dust at the back of the garage somewhere, dig it out or invest in a new one, try and get a good quality one that wont snap, it can hurt.


• Skipping is one of the best cardio and high intensity interval workouts you can do.

• Skipping can burn up to 1200 calories per hour (which is really high)

• Skipping can be done anywhere, whatever the weather

• Skipping gives a full body workout, it is especially great for toning and developing thighs, shins and calf muscle. It also works the abs and arms – bonus! It’s also less impact than running, which is better for your joints.

• Skipping can be practiced by people at any level on the fitness scale. But you should keep in mind that it is used for endurance training and conditioning, not just burning calories. So it is advised to practice progressive skipping.

See below my 30-day skipping challenge, its manageable and certainly achievable and can be done in your own home. There is plenty of time before Christmas, no need to e wait till the New Year, lets get moving now!!!

Let me know how you get on, comments and feedback should be sent to me at


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