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Art in the Park

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Yesterday I popped along to the Art in the Park event at Milton Creek Country Park to find out what it was all about.

There were some ominous looking clouds gathering, the wind was picking up and it was trying without much success to rain.

Russell Wood
Russell Wood with his paintings

Perhaps not the best start for a family day out, but undeterred plenty of people were out and about enjoying the event.

Ellie Farren with Sioux Peto
Ellie Farren with Sioux Peto

Sadly I learnt that a huge selection of market stalls had cancelled at the last minute apparently to attend an alternative event, but for those that didn’t know it didn’t matter and there was plenty to see and experience anyway.

Luniac Designs
Nikki Baker's wonderful bugs - Luniac Designs

Michael Tyler
Deep thinker, Michael Tyler - Creepy Craws

Eco Shed
Eco Shed - Recycled bird feeders

This was only a small selection of what was on offer, so if you have photos of your own or something to add then please add a comment below.

Andy Hudson


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