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Bredgar celebrate purchase of recreation ground with village fete

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The Bredgardettes

Residents came out in force to celebrate, following the Parish Council’s purchase of the recreation ground, which has thwarted proposals for housing on the site.

Penny Twaites - Chair of Bredgar Parish Council

Following a short speech from previous Parish Council Chairman Beverley Willis, and the current chair Mrs Penny Twaites, Cllr Twaites cut the ribbon to mark both the official opening of the School Fete and to celebrate the purchase of the recreation ground by the Parish Council.

Brothers 4 year old Fred, 9 year old Ethan and 7 year old Connor

The School Fete was the inaugural event, following the purchase of the recreation ground which was finally completed on January 21st 2016.

5 Year old Essian cleaning out the Coconut Shy

The purchase of the recreation ground was funded by a combination of Parish Council reserves, grants from Swale and KCC Councillors, village groups, and many donations from individual parishioners. However this was only possible thanks to the generosity of the previous owner who sold the land to the village at less than the market value.


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Andy Hudson


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