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Can or should we put a price on local democracy?

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I’m fairly sure that I caught sight of a consultation by the Council on the possible creation new parished areas within urban Sittingbourne. If I dreamt this then it is definitely a point of discussion that much I do know. Buy how exactly will this be funded and what will it cost?

I know that those of us that live in existing parished areas, mainly the villages around Sittingbourne pay an additional Council Tax contribution known as a precept for this extra tier of democracy. It’s not necessarily a large additional cost, with the lowest band D figure currently around £14 right up to £62.
It’s a fact that the larger areas do generally appear at the higher end of the scale so, Faversham Town Council comes in at £30, Teynham at £48 and Queenborough at £62.

Faversham has a precept of £174,000 so you can well imagine that the cost of several large new parish/town councils is set to cost several hundred thousand pounds and all at a time when the economy is only now on the brink of recovery.
Can or should we put a price on local democracy?

It can make a huge difference the place you live, but is does depend as with anything on the people involved.
What do you think?

Andy Hudson


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A well-made point and whilst I fully acknowledge that sometimes Parish Councils struggle against the very powers that are in place to assist with democracy, in my experience they do not pander to local government either.

Sometimes it’s more about the people and how they elect to deal with issues, than the process itself.

Just the belief that it’s possible to make a difference can occasionally make the difference.
Comment by Andy Hudson on 16 Jul 2013
I've read about this. I get the impression that local planning will be in the hands of the parish councils. You are right in that it needs people to get involved, and in order for people to do that, they need to feel that being involved will make a difference. So it depends on whether the parish councils will have real control over planning and services, or whether they will be puppets.
Comment by Claire F on 15 Jul 2013
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