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Councillors cleared of wrongdoing devoid of a conscience.

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How it must hurt the residents of the Woodstock ward to hear Councillor Alan Willicombe preach “I always knew we had not done anything wrong so I’m not surprised” following the many complaints made against him and his wife since their departure from to Lincolnshire whilst retaining their seats on the Council.

So they may not have broken any rules, but does that make it justifiable or reasonable?

For all the bravado that nothing will change, it already has and it has become abundantly clear that they have been unable to sustain their previous workload.

Nowhere is this more evident than in their inability to attend meetings which led to a decision by the Council to remove them from the many committees they previously held positions on.

In fact in the three months since their departure they have not attended a single meeting and the code of conduct only requires their presence at one meeting every six months.

The equally precarious decision to subcontract any face to face meetings to other Councillors only serves to highlight the inadequacies of their position.

Surely the main reason to become a local councillor is so that you can help improve the lives of the people you represent and anyone with a conscience would know full well that means being hands on and preferably being resident in that same community.

In my own experience as a local parish Councillor, most of the issues raised are done so face to face at a function, down the pub or walking round the village. I can’t imagine undertaking this role without being part of the community.

This is another sad day for local politics which makes it all the more difficult for the rest of us who genuinely want to serve our communities in the best way we can.

Andy Hudson


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Fat cat Tory's fleece local coffers, and stick two fingers up at the public with Andrew Bowles blessing! ....this is where our town is going wrong! .....change change change ...please!
Comment by mark foster on 15 Jan 2014
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