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Councillors praise impact of special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) provision at 1st Meadowfield Scouts

Home / Blog / Councillors praise impact of special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) provision at 1st Meadowfield Scouts

On the 23rd May, local councillors from Swale visited 1st Meadowfield Scout group to see the impact of the SEND provision and Scouts in Swale. Cllr Tim Gibson, Leader of the Council and Cllr Karen Watson both showed their support to the Scouts at the district campsite which “the young people have thrived at”.

1st Meadowfield Scouts are dedicated to creating a space for young people with SEND to “explore and thrive”. These Scouts (boys & girls aged 10-14) are a part of Meadowfield school, “a special school for pupils who have profound, severe and complex needs including a vast range of medical and learning needs.” Volunteers Tom & Steph Manktelow, took the opportunity to showcase the fantastic facilities of the local campsite including archery, shooting range, camping areas, Scout hut, pioneering zone and more. All focused on young people developing skills for life.

Volunteer Angela Palmer says, “we didn't want the young people to miss out on opportunities the Scout Association could offer.”

In just one day the Scouts built fires, made Viking bracelets, challenged themselves on an obstacle course, played games in the woods and finished with a campfire meal led by Simon Jones, outdoor education lead for Meadowfield School. “I love going I can be myself” says one of the young people at 1st Meadowfield Scouts.

Angela continues to say “We have seen a raised confidence levels by the students coming out of the classroom. The young people have a large safe space available for them to be themselves.”

Cllr Tim Gibson said, “Cllr Watson and myself were in awe of the positive impact that the wider Scouting family and School staff were able bring to the young people of Meadowfield School, in facilitating the activities at the Bexon Lane campsite. 

The commitment to broaden the activities that SEN children are exposed to is commendable and was certainly welcomed by the youngsters. We witnessed comments like “I love it here” and “we do lots of different things” from youngsters who were clearly out of their comfort zone as they willingly interacted with us, asking interesting questions and proudly demonstrating skills that they had learned. The whole set up is a credit to the Scouting movement, the staff at the school and testimony to how inclusivity can be fostered and nurtured where there is a will and a desire for it to succeed.”

Chantelle Foord, Forest School Co-Ordinator TA admires how the Scouts have “all worked as a team and included each other”. With one young person describing it as “one of the best experiences”. Being a Scout is all about discovering the world on your own terms and making the most of what you have, wherever and whoever you are. Find your local unit today, usingthis link.


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