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Deep clean to improve air quality

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Swale Borough Council has deep cleaned the roads and pavements in the borough’s five Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) to improve air quality.

As well as the usual level of cleansing to remove litter, leaves and debris and clear back the edges of weeds, council contractors Biffa worked to jet wash the tarmac in Newington, Ospringe, East Street and St Pauls Street in Sittingbourne, and Teynham to reduce the dangerous particulate matter deposited in the road from recirculating into the air.

Cllr Tim Valentine, cabinet member for the environment at the council, said:

“Deep cleaning the roads in our air quality management areas is important for eliminating the damaging particulate matter that is deposited into the road by traffic.

“The dangerous matter can be deposited from vehicle brake pads, tyre wear, tail pipe exhaust emissions and various materials - mud, dust and other particles - attached to vehicle tyres.

“When the deposits build up along the road, they can recirculate into the air every time a vehicle moves over them, which intensifies the pollution in an area already under a heavy burden.

“We spend more than £1m each year on street cleansing services, street patrols to pick up litter and emptying more than 800 litter bins and 350 dog bins across the borough, and have now allocated additional funds to trial this extra service to reduce these dangerous particulates that can damage people’s health.”

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By just doing the AQMA areas, does not affect the reading and provide a false level. Surely the busiest roads should be done regardless of if they are in AQMA.

Key Street roundabout exceeds EU levels yet is not in an AQMA, so this should be done and also the A2 as this is a busy walking route.

Comment by Harry Spence on 27 Jul 2020
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