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Freddie’s winning competition entry earns school a day in Ancient Greece

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Some lucky pupils from Rodmersham Primary School were taken back in time two and half thousand years to ancient Athenian Agora where they spent the day living the life of ancient greeks, after winning a competition run by the Living History Workshop.

Freddie from Class 5 penned this enticing entry with offers of food and drinks.

“You should come to our school because we are learning about Greeks and other things. We are also one of the most outstanding schools in Kent (according to Ofsted!). We are amazing listeners, outstanding question askers and our staff are friendly (at times – just joking, they are super friendly). Our staffroom is full of food for you to eat and make tea, coffee and hot chocolate! And it’s clean! Please come to our school.”


Senior Teacher, Leyla Gambell said “The day was excellent, Corinne and the team were superbly organized, well equipped and transformed the village hall into Ancient Greece for the day. The children were so excited they even kept their Greek outfits on all through lunch!“

Whilst educational with discussions on Philosophy & Democracy, the focus of the day was reliant on audience participation and interaction and there was lots of action from the brief time I spent watching.

Children were even invited to make their own Elgin Marbles as well as enjoying a Spartan Boot Camp, the Olympic Games and a noisy-but-popular Battle of Marathon.

You can find out more about the Living History Workshop here

Andy Hudson


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