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Gordon Henderson re-elected as MP with increased majority

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Conservative candidate Gordon Henderson has been re-elected as the MP Sittingbourne & Sheppey for the fourth time with a further swing gaining another 7.4% of the votes.

Labour's Clive Johnson fared less well and whilst maintaining second place, Labours vote share saw a reduction of approximately a third.

Liberal Democrat candidate Ben Martin made gains, more than doubling the Liberal Democrats vote share to 6.3%

Disappointingly voter apathy prevailed as the turnout slipped again down 1.6% meaning that a staggering 32,523 people or 38.76% of the registered voters chosen not to cast a vote.

Conservative - Gordon Henderson

Votes: 34,742
Share: 67.6%
Change: +7.4%

Labour - Clive Johnson

Votes: 10,263
Share: 20.0%
Change: -10.6%

Liberal Democrat - Ben Martin

Votes: 3,213
Share: 6.3%
Change: +3.5%

Independent - Monique Bonney

Votes: 1,257
Share: 2.4%
Change: +2.4%

Green - Sam Collins

Votes: 1,188
Share: 2.3%
Change: +1.2%

Monster Raving Loony Party - Mad Mike Young

Votes: 404
Share: 0.8%
Change: 0%

Independent - Lee McCall

Votes: 327
Share: 0.6%
Change: +0.1%

Andy Hudson


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All the time Labour is run by the Momentum bunch of Maxist left wingers they have no chance of winning in Swale. The Labour Party seems in denial as to why they polled so badly and just blames Brexit and people not understanding their manifesto: windfall taxes and nationalisation of the utilities was going to hit everyone’s auto-enrolment pensions.

Gone are the days of Sir Terry Boston and Harold Wilson (google previous Faversham election results if you are younger than me) - whilst Tony Blair was probably the best Conservative PM that the Conservative party never had.


Comment by James on 16 Dec 2019
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