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Gordon Henderson wins second election

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In what turned out to be a very long night, although sensibly I elected not to stay as the votes were counted, resulted in a second win for Conservative candidate Gordon Henderson taking 49.5% of the votes, marginally down on the 50% share in 2010.

UKIP candidate Richard Palmer made a significant gain on the previous election results, taking a 24.8% share of the votes compared to just 5.3% back in 2010.

Whilst, not entirely unexpectedly Liberal Democrat candidate Keith Nevols paid a heavy price dropping his previous 16.4% share down to just 3.2%

The results were as follows: -

 Party Candidate  Votes  Share
 Conservative Gordon Henderson   24,425  49.5%
 UKIP      Richard Palmer  12,257  24.8%
 Labour Guy Nicholson  9.673     19.6%
 Liberal Democrats Keith Nevols
 1,563     3.2%
 Green Party      Gary Miller
 1,185     2.4%
 Monster Raving Loony Party Mad Mike Young
 275  0.6%

Andy Hudson


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