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How to get the most out of your workouts

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January always seems such a long month… February is finally here and spring is in sight!

For those of you who are managing to stick with your New Year fitness resolutions, you are probably starting to feel like you have been dieting or working out forever. It’s really important to mix things up all the time. Don’t keep doing the same thing, so you keep your body guessing.

If you started January by power walking for 30 minutes every day, think about jogging for a minute and then power walking for a few minutes and so on. This is a form of HIIT training (high intensity interval training); which works to burn calories fast. The benefits are endless – HIIT improves your endurance, gives you healthier heart function and it’s the kind of workout which you can do anywhere.

While cardio is the traditional way people try to lose weight, studies show that doing HIIT training combined with some resistance or weight training will allow dieters to preserve muscle mass while reducing fat.

Another option worth trying is a kettlebells workout, a type of resistance training with weights which has become hugely popular. While the equipment may seem daunting at first, once you get your technique right, it will surprise you how quickly you will want to increase the weight of your bell.

Using kettlebells is great for increasing your cardio fitness and working a lot of the major muscle groups. It is also a brilliant way to build your functional strength without the monotony of doing isolated repetitions – classes are varied and fun, but most importantly safe for any age, shape or size. Always make sure you are advised by a fitness expert who specialises in kettlebells before starting this type of training. Most importantly if you have a bad day or your loosing momentum, don’t beat yourself up, breathe and reboot! Tomorrow is another day and new start!

For any questions, please feel free to contact our fitness expert Charlotte Shaw at or mobile 07949 222967


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Interval training was great at cutting my baby fat after having Ru..I lost 4 stone in 8 months just by running then power walking pushing my buggy on a circuit round our estate! I would like to learn more about kettle bells... Looks fun we have one in the cupboard and I've never trained with it!!! 
Comment by Lizi on 02 Feb 2015
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