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I’ve just paid for unsolicited junk mail…

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Is there anything more irritating than receiving one of those little cards from the postman to inform you that there is something to be collected at the post office because the sender neglected to apply the correct postage?

Hoping to sort this out quickly I managed to catch the postman standing outside the neighbour’s house. However he kindly explained that they were no longer able to take payment, and didn’t even have the letter anyway.

He also advised not to try and pick anything up on a Saturday due the very long queues that frequently require 30 -40 minutes to reach the front of.

Despondent I made my way down to the post office regardless as it was addressed to the business and you never know if might be a cheque or something equally important.

The queue was quite reasonable today so with some anticipation I slowly found my way to the front of the queue whereby a nice lady presented me with an envelope with had no stamp attached in exchange for £1.50.

So far so good, it looks promisingly like a payment, so can you imagine how annoyed I was to find a letter from a business networking group cordially inviting me to a visitor’s day, which they then had the gall to explain, will cost me £10 to attend.

Whilst needless to say I shall not be attending their open day and have since prepared an invoice for my time and expenses which whilst sorely tempted to post back to them without a stamp, I’ve emailed over.

Andy Hudson


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It would probably been best to leave it so they return to sender. If you could risk it 
Comment by mark on 23 Nov 2013
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