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It's all about metafit

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Is it because we are all so busy or is it that we prefer to work harder for shorter durations, the ‘get in and get it done’ approach?

If you have not heard about Metafit, it’s the latest way to get an amazing workout in a very short time. The workout lasts for 30 minutes, including warm up and cool down. It is not choreographed, so there are no cheesy dance moves to learn, just simple and effective bodyweight exercises designed to fry fat and sculpt muscle. The minimal rest method is a killer, but it keeps your heart rate elevated, maximizing your burn. During each session, you will melt anywhere between 180 to 250 calories while toning every muscle from your shoulders to your calves. As an extra bonus, you will continue to burn fat for up to 24 hours after your workout.  

The classes are designed to push you according to your own fitness ability. It doesn’t matter if you are only doing one or two repetitions and someone else is doing five, as long as you are working to YOUR maximum. I have one client I’ve been training since January and she has lost a whopping 10% in Body Fat, yes its hard work but with those results its worth it. Metafit training should be used 2-­-3 times a week as part of a varied workout programe.

Jo Cutler, a school teacher from Kent, has been attending Metafit sessions for over a year. Her results have been amazing, including a noticeably leaner and stronger body. 

Charlotte from Top to Toe Fitness Sittingbourne caught up with Jo to get her take on the 30 minute workout that everyone is talking about….

Charlotte: Describe your fitness routine. 

Jo: I have been doing Metafit for around a year and a half now, and try to get to class around three times a week. Even if I have a busy week at work, I try to make sure I make time for my classes, which is not too hard when they are only 30 minutes long!!! 

C: How did you feel after your first session? 

J: I felt like I wanted to die! I have always been fairly fit and attended exercise classes but Metafit is so much more intense. Unless you have done HIIT [high intensity interval training], you can’t appreciate how you can go from the start of the class to being absolutely exhausted in just 22 minutes! Once you have done it, though, it feels so good.  

C: You have completely changed body shape, Jo. How long was it before you started to notice a difference?  

J: Within a few weeks, I started to notice that the exercises were getting easier and I’d say it was after about 12 weeks I noticed my cardio fitness was at a whole new level. People started commenting, saying how different I looked, and asked me what I was doing. I am always encouraging the teachers in the staff room to come along! 

C: How else has Metafit improved your fitness? 

J: Metafit has given me the base fitness for running. I just completed a ten mile run and I can now run 15-­-20 miles a week. [Jo only started running in February!] 
The interval training used in Metafit sets a great base for general fitness. My legs and core are stronger than ever!   

C: What Metafit exercise do you find the most difficult? 

J: I used to think burpees were my mortal enemy, but I really find tuck jumps hard – no matter how many I do, they never seem to get any easier! 

C: What would you say to anyone thinking about trying a Metafit class? 

J: I would encourage anyone of any fitness to give it a go – I love that it caters for people of all fitness levels – and you just work to your own maximum, whatever that may be. I think that’s the key, you just keep pushing to your new fitness level. It’s a great way to spend 22 minutes, and all of the people I know that do Metafit really love it!  

Charlotte is a great instructor – she keeps us motivated and makes sure our technique is good. This is important, as we all need to be pushed, and that’s why I keep going back for more!  

C: Jo, can you sum up Metafit in three words? 

J: Exhausting, exhilarating and ADDICTIVE! 

Top to Toe Fitness Instructor Charlotte teaches 2 Metafit Classes in Sittingbourne every week, check out the website for more info 


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What a great write up and so very true.  I have been doing Metafit for around 7 months and my body shape has changed tremendously.  I am addicted to Metafit and feel quite down if I miss a class, which is very rare !!  I am so grateful that I have a great instructor (Charlotte) who has bought this to Sittingbourne so that I am able to attend 2 sessions a week.  I agree with Jo, tuck jumps are so hard !

Linda Smith

Metafit Addict

Comment by Linda Smith on 08 Oct 2015
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