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Keeping people safe on our High Streets

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In preparation for the easing of the lockdown measures, the Government asked local councils to take measures to protect public safety as High Streets reopened.

In Swale this included putting in place various safety measures and pedestrianisation, and these have made it easier for people to visit and support local shops safely.

Keeping people safe is, and always will be, our top priority, and we will continue to support any measures that protect people in our borough.

Throughout this, we have received a lot of feedback from residents and businesses, and we have been collecting data on high street use and the town centre safety measures. This is being used to review the measures, and a second review was carried out on 10 September by the cabinet member, other councillors and Officers.

With more people returning to the high streets, and further restrictions being brought in by the Government, it continues to remain vital that social distancing can take place. We have therefore taken the decision not to amend the pedestrianisation hours at this time.

We will also continue to consider any other safety measures required within our towns to ensure the ongoing ability of users to stay safe.

We do recognise the difficulties faced by disabled users, and although the pedestrianisation is not in place all day and there are free blue badge parking spaces close to the town centres, we understand that these are not suitable solutions for all.

In order to consider the best way forward to address these concerns we will be setting up a disabled user focus group. We would like to hear from affected disabled users and ask them to participate in our focus groups to discuss their issues and hear their suggestions for solutions.

If you are interested involved please contact us at or 01795 417850.


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