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Local Authors Publication Frenzy

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Even if you possess the mildest interest in the recent history of the place where you live, you’ll be very excited to learn that four brand new books have been recently published by three respected local authors.

Newington Street and Place Names

by Thelma Dudley

The Meaning & History of 'Newington Street & Place Names’ contains local history, maps, drawings, old and new photographs and information gathered over many years. The book also includes a colour pictorial of the village as is seen today.

The book is priced at £12.50, is in full colour and can be obtained by calling Thelma Dudley on 01795 842711 or email: for more details.

Bredgar - The History of a Kentish Parish

Helen Allinson

In this 318 page fully illustrated and indexed book Helen examines every aspect of this typically Kentish village through the eyes of its inhabitants, for it is they who over a period of time have gradually shaped the landscape into how we see it today.

The beauty of the landscape surrounding Bredgar is officially acknowledged by the fact that the village is situated within the Kent Downs area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the North Downs Special Landscape Area The book is therefore, a comprehensive account of the village from Roman times to the present day and explores the families, houses, life and work of the parish.

Historic Buildings and Grand Houses of Sittingbourne

By John Clancy, Helen Allinson and Alan Abbey

In his Introduction, John points out that a town’s history and heritage can best be summed up through its buildings. They reflect the level of prosperity a town once enjoyed, what sort of people lived here and their lifestyle. Whilst many old buildings remain intact in and around Sittingbourne, others have been either radically altered or totally demolished, and remain only in the written record.

With the help of two other much respected historians, Alan Abbey and Helen Allinson, John has taken a selection of ten different types of old buildings, and details their history and importance. The book runs to 135 pages and is fully illustrated with photos, many of which have not been seen before. It is a book, the like of which has not been tackled locally before.

More Family Businesses

By Helen Allinson

In 2010 members of the history group of Sittingbourne Heritage Museum collectively compiled a book, Family Businesses of Sittingbourne under the guidance and leadership of Helen Alliinson.

Now, three years on, Helen has selected another seven local businesses to chronicle but this time she has written More Family Businesses of Sittingbourne alone. The book runs to 79 pages and is fully illustrated throughout, and reflects life in Sittingbourne as it was not that long ago..

Where to buy

The Sittingbourne Heritage Museum Shop in the Forum sells a good selection of publications by local authors, including the above.

We have started to create a section on local authors and their publications which you can find here

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