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Meet the new team heading up the council

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Cllr Roger Truelove has been elected as leader of a new coalition administration at Swale Borough Council.

The leader was elected by fellow councillors at Annual Council last night following elections earlier this month.

The meeting also saw a new coalition of cabinet and cabinet deputies appointed to make decisions on resources and priorities to deliver and implement the budget and policies decided by the council.

The new cabinet is made up of:

Cllr Roger Truelove - leader of the council and lead member for finance

Cllr Mike Baldock - deputy leader and planning

Cllr Richard Palmer - community

Cllr Monique Bonney - economy and property

Cllr Tim Valentine - environment

Cllr Angela Harrison - health and wellbeing

Cllr Ben J Martin – housing


The new deputy cabinet members are:

• Cllr Derek Carnell - finance
• Cllr Alastair Gould - planning
• Cllr Julian Saunders - community
• Cllr Sarah Stephen - economy and property
• Cllr Eddie Thomas - environment
• Cllr Hannah Perkin - health and wellbeing
• Cllr Ghlin Whelan - housing


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Great news and about time :)
Comment by MP on 28 May 2019

Unfortunately the new coalition will have a hard job undoing the damage that the previous lot of incumbents have done to Swale and particularly Sittingbourne. The road system is a congested nightmare and will only get worse when the housing that has already been given planning permission is built. It is obvious to most of us that the station area is a design disaster even before it is finished. Ex-councillor Bowles and his chums have certainly left a legacy to be remembered by.

Comment by James on 28 May 2019
Transport comes under Kent County Council rather than Swale, so that would be my guess as to why there is no cabinet post for Transport
Comment by Andy Hudson on 23 May 2019
Who is in charge of transport and eliminating road chaos?
Comment by Mr Jackie Davidson on 23 May 2019
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