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MP warns constituents about energy telephone scam

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Local MP Gordon Henderson is warning his constituents of a telephone scam that he fears is being targeted at the oldest and most vulnerable people in the community.

Mr Henderson explained that he had received an email from a friend who related a very worrying telephone conversation.

The email read as follows:

‘I have just had a phone call from “Tom” at the Environmental Care Agency who, he claims, is working in partnership with the government to try to clear up the mess caused by the energy supply companies.

‘Apparently I had been targeted as I am in the age range of 50 to 80. A quick google search while he was delivering this spiel revealed that there is no such agency so I told Tom to go away and put the phone down. He immediately phoned back and reiterated that he was working with the government and that as I was rude to him I would now be receiving a £2000 fine through the post.

‘This is obviously total nonsense but what bothers me is that they are targeting older people, up to 80 years of age, who may be conned out of money or at least intimidated and troubled by calls from this bogus agency.

‘Dialling 1471 to find the source of the call not surprisingly resulted in a withheld number.’

Mr Henderson said: ‘I am concerned about this incident for a couple of reasons. Firstly, how did the caller know that my friend was in that age group and who provided him with that information.

‘Secondly, plainly this scam is targeting the elderly because they are more vulnerable. My friend was astute enough not to be duped, but other people might be taken in.

‘I would urge anybody who receives a phone call from this organisation to put the phone down immediately. I can assure them they will not be fined!’


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Very grateful for this report. I just received a call from a gentleman at this organisation and as I was online at the time I googled it and found this warning. he began with exactly the same spiel and told me it wasn't a sales call. Having found this report I told him that I considered his call to be intrusive and as i was registered with the Telephone Preference Service I would report him if i received any more nuisance calls. The call came from 01277503105. 
Comment by Wyn Roberts on 26 May 2015
I had a call today from the same number.  I said it was probably about solar panels or something but he said 'no'.  I said I was busy so he told me to keep my doors and windows closed as there was pollution coming this way.  I asked where it was from and he said it was coming via Northern Ireland.  I just said 'ok' as I was too busy even to laugh at his joke.  However, it could be frightening for someone of a gullible nature or a nervous disposition.
Comment by Ted on 06 Nov 2014
I too had one of these calls - the number was not withheld when I called 1471 it came up as 07884 895631.

Claimed to be the Environmental Care Agency and they were "asked to call me by the government".  When I asked who in the government had asked them to call me he said he didn't know.  The call ended shortly after this.

Clearly a scam.
Comment by Not That Gullible on 05 Nov 2014
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