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Natalie and her 13-week-old Buddy to walk 200 miles for charity

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Hoping to raise £15,000, 44-year-old Natalie Gorman who will be accompanied during parts of her walk by her 13-week-old dog named ‘Buddy’ are shortly to set out on an epic charity walk from Cromer Pier in Norfolk to Sittingbourne, Kent.

Trying to make sense of personal misfortune, including five successive miscarriages, Natalie became inspired to do something positive and as walking has played a pivotal part in her coping strategy, a walk to raise money for causes close to her heart, seemed like an obvious choice.

Unsurprisingly the first of three charities that will benefit from any funds raised will be The Miscarriage Association. Having lost family and friends to cancer including her mothers late partner, who lost his life at 54 to cancer, Cancer Research will be the second charity to benefit.

The final charity Covex, was set up by her mothers late partner and for many years had a charity shops in Norfolk. Covex is UK registered charity dedicated to delivering aid to the poor and displaced families, children and the elderly, hospitals, orphanages and many varied projects in Romania.

Natalie says “With the closure of the charities shops in Norfolk, my mum now relies on raising money to help fund the trips. She takes aid out to Hospitals, Church's, and Children's Homes.”

“The aid for churches is for people young and old that have lost everything due to flooding or house fires. This could be beds, mattresses, toys and clothes. Aid for Hospitals could be hospital beds, bandages, and hoists to name a few. The Children’s Homes receive items like books, pencils, toys, clothes, and furniture etc.”

“Not only does the charity need fuel money, my mum is also trying to raise money to build some log cabins at the rear of the property that she hires out for volunteers to help in the village. The log cabins are for the disabled children to come up from the home in the nearest town, to have weekend away breaks.”

The walk has been divided into seven daily sections, each approximately between 25 and 30 miles. Natalie will commence from the pier in Cromer on 2nd August and for support a local Cromer walking group has offered to accompany her at the start of the journey.

Natalie says “I have a few campsites that have offered me a stay along the way for free, including. Cromer Camping, Willowcroft Campsite, The Hollies, Forest Camping, Homestead Lake and Walton Hall Farm.”

“Any donation made large or small is greatly appreciated”

If you want to help support Natalie you can find out more on her just giving page including details of her daily routes.

Andy Hudson


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Well done Natalie for undertaking this charity walk & helping 3 worthy causes. Will be watching your progress with great interest. Love you and proud of you.
Comment by Linda Gorman on 03 Aug 2019
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