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Newington Craft Fair Celebrates First Anniversary

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Today we popped along to the Newington Food and Craft Fair which is celebrating its first anniversary and it was good to see a few familiar faces, not least of all organiser Catherine Calder who works very hard behind the scenes to stage these Fairs.

Polka Dot Corner

We were also very pleased to see a few new stall holders which makes for a more interesting experience because you never know exactly what you’ll get.

Although a couple more of these fairs are planned prior to Christmas, inevitably Christmas orientated items have started to appear to have taken hold, which I guess is only to be expected now.

Here are a few items we spotted today

Hannah Staff of Ellen's craft with owl doorstops 07588 401553

Stacey's folder books 07858 586773

Countdown Plaque By Claire Sinden of Polka Dot Corner

Bunny & Bea's

Snowmen by the Kentist Chocolate Company

Reindeer by Francis Gerisch

Lucy Smith and Morgan Field

Situated just outside the village hall we found Lucy Smith and Morgan Field selling pumpkins in order to raise funds for their trip to Morocco next year. The two year 10 pupils from Westlands Secondary School will form a party of ten from the school as part of a project which seeks to assist with a number of community related activities in the villages they travel through on their journey through the Country.

Andy Hudson


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