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You need to register now if you want to vote in EU elections

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The European Parliamentary elections will be taking place on 22 May this year but have you registered to vote?

The Council is urging voters to register by 6th May if they wish to take part in the European Parliamentary elections taking place on 22 May this year.

you can download a form from, or call the customer services team 01795 417850.  Registration is easy and it only takes a few minutes to complete a form and return it to the Electoral Registration Officer at Swale Borough Council.

There are three ways that you can vote – either in person at your local polling station; by post; or by proxy (when somebody else votes on your behalf).

If you are applying for a new postal vote or for making changes to existing postal or proxy votes then this must be completed by 5pm on Wednesday 7 May.

The deadline for applying  for a proxy vote (except emergency proxy applications) is 5pm on Wednesday 14 May.

The names of the candidates who wish to be elected will be announced on Thursday 24 April. Details will be available on the Council’s website. 


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