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Residential parking restrictions return from 1 July

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Parking concessions put in place in March in response to the coronavirus pandemic will come to an end on 1 July.

The council temporarily relaxed some parking restrictions during the coronavirus outbreak to ease the situation for residents.

Rules around residential parking bays were relaxed, and people with residential parking permits were able to park for free in council car parks, but normal rules will recommence from 1 July.

Cllr Tim Valentine, cabinet member for environment at the council, said:

“Temporarily removing the restrictions was the right thing to do as we entered lockdown, but as this is now gradually lifting, we need to return to normal.

“In recent weeks we have been issuing advisory notices - which carry no penalty - to help remind people what they can and can’t do.

“Residential parking restrictions help prevent town centre users and commuters taking up spaces on residential streets.

“With more people now returning to work and the high streets reopening, there are more cars back on the roads, meaning we need to reinstate the restrictions.

From Wednesday, 1 July, enforcement of parking restrictions of resident parking bays, yellow lines and school waiting zones will resume.


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