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Shiver me timbers, its a pirates life for the Rainbows

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Sittingbourne Rainbows, girls aged between five and seven, joined 25 Girlguiding leaders for a day of swashbuckling activities on the High seas. 

Pegleg O’Greedy, better konw as district commissioner Kirsty Edwards was keen to make the Rainbows walk the plank while others enforced swabbing the main decks and climbing the rigging on a large inflatable pirate gallon.

The girls were able to dig for treasure, make pirate outfits and battle with bubble swords “the Rainbows got a taste for life as a real pirate” said Pegleg McMonkey aka leader Kay Till. 

The day was closed with a few sea shanties.

If you like your daughter to join or think you could help 'Make a Rainbow' and allow more girls start their guiding adventure please go to


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