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Spirit of Sittingbourne's public engagement was a missed opportunity

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Today the Spirit of Sittingbourne, the group behind the regeneration of Sittingbourne were located in the market outside the Forum to engage with members of the public about their plans for the regeneration in exchange for a free ice creams.

Fine in principle, but why on a weekday when most people are at work and at the height of the summer get away. That aside at least they do want to know what we think, right?

Well I hope so, although I feel that the simplicity of the questionnaire designed to reinforce their own prescribed notion of what we want, really is of very limited use.

Selecting which restaurants and shops we would like to see from pre-define selection, or asking whether we want a cinema or the regeneration itself is hardly likely to yield anything particularly revealing.

Whilst the representatives on hand were very helpful, they were not able to engage in topics outside of the half a dozen questions on the questionnaire itself.

Want to know how the bus interchange, taxi rank or car parking will work in practice, maybe how the traffic flows will operate, then you were asked to go to their website, which incidentally is currently not working , and fill out a form.

I’m sorry but if they really want our opinions, they are going to have to do a lot better than this and provide us with real and meaningful information.

Andy Hudson


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