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Staying Fit During Holiday Season

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School may not be out for a few weeks yet, but if you have been working hard in the gym or at bootcamp, you’re probably starting to think about whether to apply a fitness regime while on holiday. Of course, we all want to relax and enjoy ourselves, but we don’t want to undo all our hard work.

Top to Toe Fitness trainer Charlotte Shaw recently took ten days out of her busy schedule to go away with her family. Here are her top tips on how to stay on track but still make the most of your break.

Tip 1

Being away from home and hopefully in the sunshine can only mean one thing - no work! Walk everywhere you can, find the local shop and promise yourself to walk there every morning. Nominate yourself as the person to collect the milk, bread and eggs before getting someone else to prepare breakfast. Walking burns lots of calories, and you will get plenty of fresh air and Vitamin D at the same time.

Tip 2

Pack the right tools. ?Obviously you can skip the dumbbells, but there's plenty of light equipment you can bring with you. Your best bet is a skipping rope. "You burn the most calories per minute with a skipping rope than with any other cardio," says Charlotte. Other feather-light options to toss in your bag: a TRX or some resistance bands. Top to Toe Fitness are huge fans of the resistance bands for both upper and lower body. Deep squat resistance side steps are a favourite at my classes, so come along and perfect the move before trying it on holiday.

Tip 3

No room for fitness equipment in your suitcase? No problem, you can get a good workout with some simple exercises using your own body weight. Just wake up a half hour before the family to do a few circuits. "This is the time to do full body at high intensity," says Charlotte. "You have little time and want to rev up your metabolism, so make every minute count." Her simple circuit suggestion: do 100 jumping jacks (or four sets of 25 if you need to), 30-60 seconds of pushups, 30-60 seconds holding a plank, 30-60 seconds of lunges per leg, and 30-60 seconds of burpees. Then repeat two or three times.

Remember that life is about everything in moderation and most importantly, BALANCE! Enjoy your well earned holiday - eat, drink and be merry - but also be sensible as much as you can.

Top to Toe Fitness launched a ‘Six Weeks till Summer’ promotion this week. Attend up to three classes per week and get your body composition measurements taken for free! At Top to Toe Fitness, we don’t believe in the number on the scales - it’s all about your body fat percentage, muscle mass and body water percentage. These are the stats that matter to make us fit and healthy!

If you have any fitness related enquiries or would like to have a free consultation with Charlotte, then please contact her at or check out further information at

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