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Strong reaction to town regeneration articles

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I’m not at all surprised that there has been some debate following the previous two blogs, but it is interesting how some people have reacted all the same.

Cllr Gareth Randall says

”This article just looks like the personal opinion of a known former (current?) political activist to me. Did the author even ask any SBC representative for an opinion on it?”

Well that’s an interesting label. I've certainly not considered myself to be any kind of political activist before, and I don't believe that informing people of what’s going on, because the Council totally fails to makes me one.

All the main points in the article are derived from the minutes of the Policy Overview Committee meeting held on Wednesday 15 January.

Firstly the land behind Morrisons, which is currently identified as a housing allocation

“The Regeneration Director reported that Essential Land had advised that their original proposal for residential development on the land to the rear of Morrisons was no longer viable, and a revised planning application was expected shortly.”

Secondly the impact of Tesco’s on housing targets

“The Regeneration Director agreed that alternative land would need to be found and he would explore this issue with Officers.”

And on the Bell Centre

“The Regeneration Director advised that the developers who owned the Bell Centre site had gone into administration”

So it’s not simply my opinion that these town centre sites will impact housing numbers and that alternative sites will need to be found.

Is it therefore too big a jump to suggest as all the large town centre sites have been excluded that the only remaining options are in the countryside?

I have been consulting with the Borough Council and only last week talked to both the planning department and the regeneration office, not that they had much to say.

Obviously if Cllr Randall is in possession of some facts not yet made public, I would be more than happy to print them.

Andy Hudson


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Oh dear, it's gone from quite a big cockup to a monumental cockup hasn't it?
Comment by Graham Munn on 02 Mar 2014
Well said Andy
Comment by Anonymous on 27 Jan 2014
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