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Swale Borough Council says thank you

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Cheryl Jones, Fundraising Officer from The Medway Hospital Charity Team receives toiletry donation

The response of local people to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been praised by Swale Borough Council.

Across the borough, people, organisations and businesses have rallied to help families, friends, neighbours and keyworkers during the disruption.

Voluntary and community groups have been supporting the vulnerable to keep them safe, and local businesses have been helping with donations of supplies and services where they are needed.

Cllr Richard Palmer, cabinet member for community at the council, said:

“This pandemic is not over by any stretch, but I think it’s important we recognise the way local people have rallied round to help each other, and our key workers, during a phenomenally difficult time.

“Whether it’s been helping an elderly neighbour by picking up their shopping to sharing tips for home schooling with other parents online, there have been countless acts of kindness and generosity that show our community spirit is alive and well.

“Voluntary and community groups have responded amazingly and have supported thousands of local people who have been affected by the pandemic – if you’re able to, please donate to our crowdfunding appeal to raise funds for some fantastic local groups that have literally been a lifeline to so many people.

“Businesses have donated items to the NHS, charities and community groups, and have helped with services, including - as I read last week - clearing up dumped fridges!

“We’ve locked down to keep ourselves and each other safe, and when we’ve been exercising we seem to be keeping to the rules on social distancing - there’s even been a few more “hello’s” and “thank you’s” than usual as we let each other pass safely.

“When all this is over, I hope we can carry on in a similar vein, by appreciating what is actually important to us – our health, our family and our friends.”

For more information on how the council is helping support local people affected by the coronavirus visit

To find out more, and donate, to the crowdfunding appeal on behalf of local voluntary and community groups, visit


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