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Swale Council election results 2023

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Swale Council inline with much of Kent once again has no single party in overall control of the council.

Therefore, as per the previous administration, we can assume that a cross party coalition of parties will be formed in due course, although as before I think I can safely say that it will not be including the Conservative party amongst its members.

Whilst the Labour party, Swale Independents and Green Party made some small gains, it was even worse news for the Conservative Party as they not only lost 4 seats but also for the second time in succession the leader of the Conservative Party, Alan Horton also lost his seat.

The results of the Kemsley Ward became another point of pain for the Conservatives following four recounts which resulted in Labour candidate Ashley Wise narrowly taking the seat from Conservative candidate Sur Gent by just one vote.

Mad Mike Young, The Official Monster Raving Loony Party candidate standing in Sheppey Central who after a close shave in the previous election reiterated that “Winning was not in the job description” and kindly provided me with a banana from his brief case.

Overall number of seats by Party for the whole of Swale

Labour - 15 seats
Conservative - 12 seats
Swale Independents - 11 seats
Liberal Democrats - 5 seats
Green Party - 3 seats
Independent - 1 seats

Results for the Sittingbourne area are as follows: -

Bobbing, Iwade and Lower Halstow



Roger Clark was elected with 483 votes

Lloyd George Chapman, Swale Independents, was elected with 501 votes

Not elected

Olufemi Oludamilare Olukoya, Labour, 401 votes
Gareth Randall, Conservative, 343 votes
Marc Wilson, Liberal Democrats, 267 votes
Carol Ann Goatham, Green, 236 votes

Turnout of 28%

Borden and Grove Park  


Mike Baldock, Swale Independents, was elected with 1,030 votes

Ann Cavanagh, Swale Independents was elected with 728 votes

Not Elected

Nicholas James Hampshire, Conservative 424 votes
Conor Michael Dobbs, Conservative 262 votes
Martin Scott Singer, Labour 184 votes

Turnout of 31%



Charlie William Miller, Labour, was elected with 298 votes.

Not Elected

Richard Thomas Allsep, Conservative, 173 votes
Charlie William Miller, Labour, 298 votes
Hannah Temple, Green, 68 votes

Turnout of 19%

Hartlip, Newington and Upchurch


Richard Palmer, Swale Independents was elected with 943 votes

Chris Palmer, Swale Independents, was elected with 879 votes

Not Elected

Alan Campbell Horton, Conservative, 513 votes
Asha Saroy, Conservative, 336 votes
Margaret Anne Cooper, Labour, 279 votes

Turnout of 32%




Simon David Clark, was elected with 511 votes

Shelly Susannah Cheesman, Labour was elected with 483 votes.

Not Elected

Jason Clinch, Swale Independents 395 votes
Danielle Hoynes, Conservative 343 votes
John Geoffrey Wright, Conservative 340 votes
Thomas Henry Lee, Heritage 240 votes
Frances Stennings, Liberal Democrats 166 votes

Turnout of 28%




Derek William Carnell, Swale Independents, was elected with 476 votes

Ashley Luke Wise, Labour was elected with 357 votes

Not Elected

Sue Gent, Conservative 356 votes
Mike Dendor, Conservative 322 votes
Tony Clark, Liberal Democrats 236 votes

Turnout of 22%

Milton Regis


Anthony Charles Winckless, Labour was elected with 674 votes

Angelica Tereza Valls, Labour was elected with 559 votes

Not Elected

Stephen Arthur Davey, Swale Independents, 303 votes
David Graham Danaher, Conservative, 186 votes
Stuart Roy Williams, Conservative, 166 votes

Turnout of 34.38%



James Hall, Swale Independents, was elected with 593 votes

Mark Anthony Last, Labour was elected with 397 votes

Not Elected

Ann Patricia Hampshire, Conservative 211 votes
Glen Dean Le Grys, Conservative 171 votes
Alexander Stennings, Liberal Democrats 139 votes
Mary Zeng, Liberal Democrats 127 votes
Miriam Natasha Layton, Green 119 votes

Turnout of 23%



Tim Gibson, Labour, was elected with 652 votes

Karen Anne Watson, Labour, was elected with 535 votes

Not Elected

Mark Anthony Quinton, Conservative 300 votes
Alfred Okotie, Conservative 266 votes
Debra Louise Blacklock, Green 167 votes
Rosemary Madgwick, Liberal Democrats 134 votes

Turnout of 24%

Teynham and Lynsted


Lloyd Robert Bowen, Conservative, was elected with 764 votes

Julien Peter Speed, Conservative, was elected with 666 votes

Not Elected

Janet Lyn Bott, Green 506 votes
Georgina Ruth Jessiman, Labour 344 votes
Dorothee Anne Barker, Liberal Democrats 135 votes
Carol Louvain Morris, Liberal Democrats 113 votes

Turnout of 28%


The Meads 


James Christopher Hunt, Conservative was elected with 395 votes

Not Elected

Shaun John Wakelen, Liberal Democrats, 184 votes

Turnout of 21%

West Downs


Monique Elaine Bonney, Independent, was elected with 655 votes.

Not Elected

Margaret Agnes Benford, Conservative, 155 votes
Kris Barker, Liberal Democrats, 60 Votes

Turnout of 39%




Sarah Ann Stephen, Swale Independents, was elected with 830 votes

Paul John Stephen, Swale Independents, was elected with 750 votes

Not Elected

Lee Burgess, Conservative 584 votes
James Leslie Rashleuigh Beer, Labour 328 votes

Turnout of 34 %

Andy Hudson


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