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We have received a fantastic response following our five minutes of fame in last week’s editions of the Sittingbourne News Extra and the Sittingbourne Messenger and the number of you visiting the site has also increased accordingly as you might expect.
So thank you everyone who is supporting us by using this website, it has been a very long time in the making, and made all the more worthwhile when we hear how much you like the site.

However we still have some ideas that we haven’t got round too, some bits we didn’t quite get finished on time and we are learning what it is you like and dislike.

Today for example we have reviewed the events section and made some improvements to the way this works, one of which was remove the ability to click on days that had no content, because a) it makes sense and b) Google went nuts and visited the events summary page over 18,000 times in just a few days. We also changed what happens when you click between months.

We also now have an ‘Add Event’  form which means that anyone with an event to promote can add their own events directly on to our website, subject of course to a quick review by ourselves.

So hopefully you can see that the site is an on-going project that will develop in all sorts of ways that we can’t yet even imagine.
We now have a firm foundation on which to move forward and would love your input, so if you have any suggestions on new or existing parts of the site, would you be so kind as to tell us.

You can email me or add a comment below.

Andy Hudson


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