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The impact of Highsted Park

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Trying to understand a planning application on this scale is very difficult, so we have prepared an infographic which outlines some of the fundamental impacts on Sittingbourne.

You can download a PDF version of this here



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Perhaps someone should invite Gordon Henderson to comment on this site. He's supported Mr Quinn's ambitions, and those of Kent Science Park.
Comment by Kay Murphy on 31 Aug 2021
This is an excellent infographic that represents the true scale of Highsted Park in context with the local area. Would whoever produced this be able to share any more infographics that demonstrate the scale of what is being proposed? This is powerful information that can be leveraged in favour of building opposition to the scheme.
Comment by Chris Adams on 20 Aug 2021
We think that it is expecting the whole area to blend into one area.  This is not ideal living just off the A2, the pollution is already above the recommended level.  We have one doctor in Teynham,  what chance do we have of finding any more when the Iwade Medical Centre struggled to find a doctor.  Where would the extra children go to school.  Not just primary school but secondary school as well.  I just cannot see what benefits this would be to people living here at the moment.  We would also lose the countryside, and the actual growing space, enabling us to eat local.
Comment by Ann Hill on 19 Aug 2021
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