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Travelling reignites passion for photography

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I met up with local photographer Rebecca Caudell on the final day of her exhibition ‘I see’ in which she exhibited a number of photos taken during her time travelling around Australia, Indonesia and Thailand.

With only a fairly modest compact camera, a Nikon J4, and no accessories such as a tripod due to the limitations of space in her trusty backpack she clearly demonstrates that you do not need expensive equipment to take great photos.

Rebecca didn’t even embark on her travels with the intention of taking great photos, she said “I went travelling to explore, to open my eyes, to step away from ‘Life’ and find out what it means to ‘Live’.

“I travelled so I could sleep under stars, wake up to the sound of crashing waves and run in sand with my bare feet, sunshine kissing my skin and the warm breeze blowing in my hair. I wanted to feel free, to wake up not knowing what the day will bring.

Taking with Rebecca it became apparent that this was also a voyage of discovered, a point she makes in the closing line of here exhibition leaflet when she states “The time when I remembered I am a photographer”

She says “Having time to be creative is a luxury we often lose but I was granted time to stop and think. I wasn’t taking photographs just for memories. I was taking photographs with an intention, I wanted to document this transition.”

Talking through some of the photographs in the exhibition she remarked how people would stare when for example she leant over the side of a boat to capture the wake as the boat crashed through the waves. She says “Photography is an art, it’s about the way you look at the world, everyone looks at things differently and that’s what makes photography beautiful.”

If you missed the exhibition you can catch up with Rebecca at RAW and exhibition at the Pie Factory in Margate from 2nd to 7th September, where she will be joining other local artists including Dean Tweedy and Russell Wood.

Andy Hudson


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