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What do you think about a Starbucks in Sittingbourne?

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Following the hugely controversial proposal for a Costa Coffee in Faversham which deeply divided public opinion, I wonder what people might think of a Starbucks at 92 The High Street (the former Evans shop).

There are a lot of very nice independent coffee shops in our High Street already, so do we need a national multiple as well?

There isn't much info online, but if you want to have your say, then go to and type 15/503478/FULL in the search and then click on the comments tab to comment or the documents tab for more info.

You do need to register to comment, but once done you can then comment on any application, not just this one.

Andy Hudson


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Will you be taking on Saturday staff
Comment by Mandy on 19 Dec 2015
I work in Starbucks at chatham and we are very busy At Starbucks the customer is always right and we strive to do the coffee as required by the customer It's a really good atmosphere and I'm sure if sittingbourne had a Starbucks it would be welcomed by the community
Comment by Sue judd on 02 Nov 2015

Well dont get me wrong independent coffee shops are fantastic and creates variety. But ther eis no doubt that getting a big name like this in the town will only further encrouage other big named retailers.....which the town oh so desperately needs. Also a good branded shop thats employing local people is better than a shabby looking vacant building.

All in all its the right thing for the town as a whole..however based on starbucks tax hisotry....maybe it would be nice to have Costa...a British company instead. but either way its only going to have a positive impact on the town.

Comment by JJ on 27 Jul 2015
Yes! I love the idea of a Starbucks! AsI have a lactose intolerance Starbucks offer soy drinks for the same price as milk based drinks. I am not sure if Costa do the same thing but I  personally prefer Starbucks coffee and I think it would be a great addition to Sittingbourne :) 
Comment by Claire on 07 Jul 2015

Yes please!

Can't understand why people so negative. 

I really hope to see either Costa or Starbucks 


Comment by Sittingbourne resident on 10 Jun 2015

The conduct of corporations such as Starbucks are the reason why economic deprivation of the kind which towns like Sittingbourne has had to endure for a long time now, exists in the first place.

Since opening, Starbucks have paid a total of £8.6m  (8,600,000) of tax in the UK despite generating £3bn  (3,000,000,000) of revenue in the same period in the UK. This amounts to around 0.3%. Now... as a hard working taxpayer who pays their fair share of their monthly 'revenue' or income to HMRC, do you not think this is wildly unfair?

Tabloids and beer guzzling sweaty men will have you believe that the really evil are the benefit fraudsters who claim a few grand a year (don't get me wrong, that's still bad) but they don't have a scratch on real villains like Starbucks, who walk away with a pat on the back and a thank you very much.

Support local people, independent business, and not these huge, faceless, muggers.

Comment by Tom on 09 Jun 2015
Think that a starbucks will do well in sittingbourne. There are plenty of people that will purchase there. Especially commuters on their way to and from sittingbourne station. I would rather see it become a starbucks than remain empty and a wasted space. Just adding to the list of big changes planned to the town, that really needs it.
Comment by Louise on 08 Jun 2015
Starbucks would be completely out of character for Sittingbourne. There are some very nice reasonably priced independent tea/coffee shops which serve freshly cooked light meals and this expensive coffee chain would not be welcome. 
Comment by Jenny Leith on 05 Jun 2015

I can't understand it??? Why Sittingbourne??

Its not as if we have anything else to help  us aspire to be a 'Starbucks'  town ( affluent consumers, people prepared to waste a lot of money on a cup of coffee, people who need wifi to run their business laptops etc etc).(how I wish!!)

I'm guessing this is a franchise with a seriously misguided/optimistic owner.....sorry, the prices you are likely to charge aren't on benefit levels, and since, when I wander around the town, I see and hear,  many people who are clearly  living on benefit or minimum wage or low paid jobs (and yes, I hate how this town had become a benefit, minimum wage, unskilled, place when it used to be a highly skilled, affluent, aspired to,  industrial town,... but that's another matter,... go talk to SBC!!!)

 TBH I hope it doesn't do well....independents like  Blundells cafe, Peaches, and the  places in Roman Square and the High Street treat their custo

Comment by Sarah on 29 May 2015
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