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Who can I vote for?

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There are a surprising number of people who are completely unaware of the boundary changes which have seen the east side of Sittingbourne become part of the Faversham and Mid-Kent constituency.

Frustratingly leaflets from candidates representing various parties in Sittingbourne and Sheppey have been delivered to areas now in the Faversham and Mid-Kent constituency whilst conversely very little literature has been forthcoming from candidates from Faversham.

This is the first election since the boundary change and honestly there has hardly been any mention of it, and when the candidates are sending out leaflets for someone you are unable to vote for, something has clearly gone wrong. 

If you live on the east side of Sittingbourne, I hope that you will find this useful, and of course the candidate list is also applicable for anyone in Sheppey, Faversham and the wider mid Kent area which are not shown on the map below which is primarily to illustrate the change in boundary.

Sittingbourne and Sheppey Candidates

Illustrated as the area in white on the map

  Mike Baldock
Swale Independents
  Sam Banks
Green Party
  Matt Brown
  Aisha Cuthbert
Conservative Party
  Kevin McKenna
Labour Party
  Frances Kneller
Liberal Democrats
  William Fotheringham-Bray
Reform UK
  Mad Mike Young
The Official Monster Raving Loony Party


Faversham and Mid-Kent Candidates

Illustrated as the area in pink on the map

  Hannah Temple
Green Party
  Helen Whately
Conservative Party
  Mel Dawkins
Labour Party
  Hannah Perkin
Liberal Democrats
  Maxwell Harrison
Reform UK
  Lawrence Rustem
British Democratic Party



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