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You decide who can get social housing

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People can have their say on how Swale Borough Council decides who can get social housing.

The council’s housing allocation policy is being reviewed and councillors gave the green light for a public consultation at last week’s virtual cabinet meeting.

The policy aims to provide a fair and transparent system that prioritises social housing by making efficient use of the homes available, promoting choice to applicants and developing sustainable mixed communities.

The policy was first agreed in 2013, and the review proposes changes to provide better access to affordable housing for those who need it most.

Proposed changes include tapering income considerations to provide a more realistic approach for single people and larger families that are at opposite ends of the spectrum is up for consideration.

Another suggested change is moving homeless households from band C to B to make it easier for them to be moved from temporary housing into permanent accommodation.

There is also a proposal to reduce the amount of time a resident is expected to have lived in the area from four to two years.

Cllr Ben J Martin, cabinet member for housing at the council, said:

“Local, affordable housing is a priority for us.

“We know how important it is for local people to have access to affordable housing for their families.

“The demand for housing has never been higher, and the housing allocation policy makes sure that we use the accommodation we have available efficiently, to provide homes to those who need them most.

“Providing a tapered income approach, a reduction in residential years required before application, and an increase in banding for those who are homeless, will help people qualify for social housing.

“We hope the proposed changes will improve the fairness and transparency of the policy while seeking to ensure those in the greatest need are prioritised.

“It’s important to us to work with the community and give members of the public the opportunity to have their say on matters that affect them, so the reviewed policy will now go to a public consultation next month.”

The consultation is set to launch next month.


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One thing that would help is stop allowing developers to build what are supposed to be affordable homes but then instantly sell them direct to a rental company to rent out at high rents to people who have no option.
Comment by malcolm stockbridge on 15 Jun 2020
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